A veritable feast of sun, frolic, color, and cuisine awaits you in South Beach, Miami.

As was the case with us, if you arrive in Miami by rental car, you might find yourself precariously clinging to hotel directions as you negotiate the confusing interstate and freeway system, afraid to breathe at the wrong time for fear of missing a crucial turn. It might be best to take a taxi from the airport to avoid the first holiday argument. This will, of course, also mean no parking fees and hassles once you get there. Enjoy the scenery as your ride passes by some stunning waterways and the mansions of the rich and famous. If your timing is right, you should see a number of cruise ships docked in port, indicating that this place is undoubtedly a top choice for vacationers of all kinds.

This is the epicenter of Art Deco, with beautiful structures standing proudly side by side while holding hands like long-lost friends from a bygone era. The ambience more than made up for the lack of space in our hotel room. This hotel did not dissapoint with its wrought iron railings, marble stairs and door frames, or its funky interior design. What more could you really ask for with a welcoming, helpful staff and a prime location in South Beach? Given that every building in this area is a product of the same time warp, art deco lovers will find it to be a paradise. There are many options, ranging from budget accommodations to elegant boutique hotels and opulent hotel living. As night falls, the stunning architecture of these magnificent structures takes on a new life, highlighted by vibrant colored lights and palm trees everywhere you turn.

Ocean Drive is a street across from the beach and is far away. It is a lively and fun place to be, jam-packed with eateries, bars, and a scattering of shops. This is the home of Cuban food, Long Island Ice Tea, and Mojitos. It’s fair to say that nowhere else will you see as many boobs and booties on display because of the warm temperatures and abundance of palm trees. There are the fit, tan, and fantastic strutting about in the shortest shorts and tightest tops. It is obvious that chest augmentation is a thing in this world because even the shop window mannequins have chests that make the bikinis on display resemble the infamous incy, wincy, teenie, weenie model with its polka dots. Undeterred are those carrying more rolls than a bakery, the larger real bootilicious girls who stuff themselves into two sizes too small and hang out with the rest. Big or small, it’s still a sight to behold.

A morning stroll along Ocean Drive’s magnificent boardwalk is a must. It’s the perfect way to start the day before the heat really picks up, with wide concrete paths that can accommodate all activities and tastefully decorated park areas sprinkled with palm trees. It has several outdoor shower facilities, sand volley ball courts, outdoor exercise equipment for the bronzed and beautiful, and the beginning of the beach on one side. The boardwalk’s cycle stations will be a favorite of yours if cycling is your preferred mode of transportation. For a small fee, you can choose a bicycle and use it for however long you like before returning it when you’re done having fun. Whatever your passion, you will pass people who are joggers, rollerbladers, cyclists, and people out for a leisurely stroll while taking in the scenery.

The pristine, white sands of South Beach can be seen stretching all the way north from Miami Port, where you can see at least five cruise ships arrive and depart each day. The level of detail is amazing. It merges with Miami North’s glitz and glamour and high rises of all sizes and shapes as it follows the line of the lovely Art Deco neighborhood. Renting a sun lounger and an umbrella is an option if spreading your towel on the sand isn’t getting your wheels turning. There are also double bed cabanas available for people who want a little bit more beach opulence. Everything has been carefully considered, from the thrill-seeking tourists’ water sport options to the kiosks selling food and drink, sunglasses, and suntan lotion. This beach is suitable for people of all ages because of the lifeguard stations and the crystal clear water that glistens in the sun all day.

At dusk, this area truly assumes a different persona, much like the exquisite buildings. Since this is a fun city, you really don’t need to apply if you aren’t here to have fun. Restaurant staff are upbeat and incredibly friendly, and dining out offers more options than a multiple-choice school exam. Due to the heat, they are mostly casually dressed, and they do a great job of promoting their products in a fiercely competitive market. The strip is peppered with cabaret acts, which give the already ecliptic neighborhood a Priscilla Queen of the Desert vibe.

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