Bikini line waxing or pubic hair shaving can be a difficult decision for you, but not if you follow our advice.

Does my bikini line need to be waxed or shaved? Around this time of year, a lot of women ask themselves that question. To assist you in making your decision, here is a summary of each approach.

Pubic hair shaving

Hair removal from the bikini line can be done quickly and cheaply by shaving. It’s also a very popular technique. The best way to determine if it is appropriate for you is to give it a try. Skin irritations, razor burns, razor bumps, and ingrown hairs are common issues, but they can all typically be reduced with a little practice and consideration. Your potential itching between pubic hair shaves is something else to consider.

Shaving your pubic hair might be for you if you have fine hair and are not overly hairy. Many women discover it’s not at all bothersome once they get into the habit of giving themselves a quick pubic hair trim in the shower every morning.

Waxing bikini lines

Even though waxing hurts, it’s a better long-term solution than shaving your pubic hair, especially if you have a lot of hair. Although it requires more effort to get done than shaving, once it is, hair won’t grow back for four weeks.

Ingrown hairs and reactions to the wax from allergies are potential issues. The worst-case scenario is that the chemicals in the wax will give you a rash and that you’ll have a lot of ingrown hairs that you’ll have to tease out. Waxing is more problematic for ingrown hairs than shaving. Waxing is an option, but the first time you get it done, go to a salon or spa. They specialize in waxing bikini lines, so they’ll do a better job than you could. Additionally, they’ll be able to offer you some advice if you decide to do it yourself in the future.

The strategy that many women use combines waxing and shaving; they might wax before a vacation and then shave afterwards.

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