Finding your bikini is the result of spring cleaning and digging through summer wardrobes. Perhaps you put it on, take it off right away, and growl. There is still time to get your winter body into a bikini body, so don’t give up.

A common misconception is that in order to see the muscles, all body fat must be lost. A small pouch is not a problem, but disobeying your muscles is. Under the fat layer, there are muscles that work to firm up your overall appearance. Your body’s ability to burn fat more quickly is influenced by the amount of muscle you have.

When you exercise your muscles, they steal fat stores from your body while you’re at rest because they need fat for energy. Build your abs, legs, and butt now so that when the fat melts off, a more sculpted version of you will show through.

You only need a floor for a simple exercise.

Knees bent and feet flat on the floor, lie on your back. For stability rather than strength, keep your hands close to your ears but at a loose angle. Hold your core firmly in place at all times by drawing your belly button toward your spine and your spine toward the ground. As your fundamental endurance develops over the days, the number of reps will rise. Choose a starting point, such as 10 or 15 repetitions of each crunch.

Perform basic medium crunches while raising your chin and chest toward the ceiling rather than bending your knees.

Without pausing, switch to an oblique crunch by rotating your mid-back so that one elbow is pointing toward the knee on the other side. At the same time, straighten the opposite leg, keeping it off the ground, and with each crunch, bring your knee in toward your elbow. Instead of alternating each pump, it’s best to complete this step entirely on one side before moving on to the other.

Next, take a break while still alternating your kicks.

Bicycle kick your legs while pulling into a mid-crunch (you might want to extend your arms in the direction of your feet for balance). Work your kick point in a hamster-wheel motion by moving it up and down.

End this section by standing up straight and touching your toes with both hands, keeping your shoulders off the floor.

Maintaining your feet atop you together, unwind into a mid-crunch hold. When you kick, try to lift your butt off the ground straight up with each push.

In order to stretch, turn over onto your stomach and arch up. Keep in mind that your stomach, sides, and back make up your core.

Be very aware of your body when working on your lower back. Stop doing anything that makes you feel sick or pinched.

While lying on your stomach, extend your fingers and toes. Take a small step off the ground with your arms and legs, then hold. You should now experience tension along your spine, from your butt to your shoulders, on either side. Get down on your hands and knees, reach with your hands and feet in a reverse oblique crunch, and extend your arm and knee.

Make sure your elbows and forehead are resting on the floor by lowering your upper body towards it. Your sole should be facing the ceiling as you lift one leg while keeping the knee bent. Work your behind and switch by repeatedly kicking your foot up and down.

Remain in the same position, but this time pull your leg out beside you and bend it so that it looks like a dog peeing. Repeat and switch.

Push-ups are a good exercise to perform right now. Keep your knees on the ground if you can’t perform them while standing on your toes.

Your abs will be the focal point of this exercise and you won’t be locked in. Play around and experiment with different movements. The secret is to consistently push yourself to work out longer and harder than you did the day before. You are aware of both your reps and your limits.

Remember to stretch afterward.

Lastly, make sure the bikini you buy fits your body. When you don’t actually bulge, a too-small bikini can give the impression that you do. It can also make you appear less toned than you actually are. You deserve to showcase your body at its best after all your hard work.

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