You may have noticed those glitzy figure models on the covers of magazines and on websites if you are new to the sport of figure competitions and women’s physique contests.

If you’ve ever wanted to sport the look of fabulous and sexy muscle like one of these figure models, then here are a few quick and simple tips and guidelines to help you decide on your new fitness journey.

Female Bodybuilding – Beginning with the first legal competition in 1978, female bodybuilding contests were the origin of the entire women’s fitness movement. The competition among the women increased as a result, and they worked harder to increase their muscle mass and reduce their body fat. By the late 1990s, female bodybuilders had mastered the sport, and because of the intense competition, only the best competitors stood a chance of making it big.

Female bodybuilding gave rise to the well-known figure competition. It was first made available to women in 2001 so they could compete even though they didn’t want to put on a lot of muscle. Figure competitions made it possible for almost any woman to compete with a chance of winning. But as the years went by, the figure competitors also got more competitive, building up their muscles and definition. Only the best of the best could perform well and advance to the professional ranks in this division, which also became somewhat segregated.

Bikini Contests – As the popularity of figure competitions increased, so did the competitors’ muscle, which paved the way for the creation of a brand-new division that enables more women to compete on stage without having to bulk up. The bikini competition falls under this new category. The bikini contestants are not required to show any definition or muscle. They only need to pose properly and look good in a bikini.

Women’s Physique Contest – Another new category for women, the women’s physique contest debuted in 2010. In essence, female bodybuilding is scaled back for the women’s physique competition. NPC rules state that while women are permitted to have muscle, they cannot have striated muscle detail. Additionally, there is no lat spread and the front and back biceps poses must be performed with open hands rather than flat feet. Additionally, the arms are extended when performing the side chest pose.

It is a good idea to read more about each fitness category before deciding which one you want to compete in, as well as to attend a competition to observe the classes and how the women present themselves on stage.

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