Women who want a body that would look good in a bikini must adhere to a particular exercise regimen that prioritizes heavy weight lifting, circuit training, and high-intensity cardio in order to get the bikini body they desire.

They must start by heavily weight training the butt, arms, and thighs in order to improve their lagging body parts. Heavy lifting should never be feared by women because you won’t turn out looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger! To do that, you need testosterone, the hormone associated with male sex, and you’re a woman…

Squat heavily to begin working on your butt. I advise split squats, back squats, and stiff-leg deadlifts, among other exercises. For a more intense glute workout, you can also perform deep squats while using lighter weights. Bicep curls with a heavy weight should only be done five times in a set to effectively work the arms. The triceps benefit greatly from diamond push-ups. Pull-ups are an excellent way to build a strong back, so give them your best effort. However, if you find that you are unable to complete even one, you should switch to lateral pull-downs with a moderately heavy weight. Leg curls and extensions for the thighs should be performed with a weight that is only moderately heavy to avoid creating an unattractive amount of bulk in the legs.

Circuit training involves “toning” your muscles (really, they will be getting slightly bigger). Perform 10- to 15-reps of 8 different exercises with a moderate weight while using a dumbbell. Dumbbell shoulder presses, dumbbell squats, push-ups, hanging knee raises, renegade rows, burpees, and alternating reverse lunges are the exercises I would pick. Execute 3 circuits, pausing for 2 minutes in between.

Combining metabolic bursting, HIIT, and steady-state cardio is what I would advise for cardio. Metabolic bursting is the term used to describe running or cycling for 20 seconds at 90% of your maximum effort, followed by 10 seconds at 60%. Do this again until you have completed 10 repetitions (5 minutes). Over the course of a 4-week period, try to increase this to 20 times. Immediately after your burst, perform high-intensity interval training by cycling or running for 2 minutes at 80% of your maximum effort, followed by 1 minute at 60%. At first, repeat this process three times (9 minutes), but by the end of the month, up the frequency to five. Finally, spend no more than 10 minutes doing steady-state cardio right after your HIIT. Continually do this for the entire month.

You will see some results if you follow this workout plan for a month, but for more notable results, I advise that you follow it for three months.

I wish you the best of luck in finding the motivation you need to hit the gym and get your dream bikini body!

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