Nowadays, eating organically seems to be in vogue. Organic clean eating and fitness seem to be in this season across media, including television, celebrities, and social media.

I’m going to warn those of you who don’t eat organic food that you’re probably growing formations of baby rats or alien pods inside your belly. Despite the fact that my statement may seem strongly worded, there is literally no research to back up my claim that our government started using GMOs and steroid-like products on our food in a valiant effort to end world hunger.

The issue really extends beyond the food that we consume. The things we put on our skin are just as important. In fact, one of the worst things about eating anything that isn’t organic is the likelihood that its surface or skin was covered in antibiotics and other medications.

I constantly wonder how ANYONE can not eat only organic food whenever I feed my infant or visit the produce section of the grocery store. You might assume that, like every other Instagram blogger, I’m jumping on some sort of cultish foodie bandwagon. NO. I educated myself, and I strongly advise you to do the same.

The meat and dairy industries are the sole largest buyers of pharmaceuticals in the US. EW. To begin with, why would farmers need so many medications in such a dire situation? EW, are we still eating the sick animals if they are? In addition to being used on a daily basis to treat illnesses (yes, illnesses, not just a common cold), medications are also applied topically to the majority of animals to treat skin infections and open wounds. (Insert another EW).

Though I’m not peddling veganism, you probably think I am at this point. There is no exception to the MUST-BE-ORGANIC rule for fruits and vegetables. The soil where produce is grown is frequently laced with nasty chemicals and pesticides.

The farming industry is the backbone of our nation, which makes it even more scandalous and tainted by politics. Ask yourself why the FDA isn’t taking action if one of the most lucrative industries is using such a large amount of medicine on its products.! It was answered in the question’s introduction. Despite the fact that I almost never believe in conspiracies—in fact, most of the time, I just snort—the information that is widely available should convince you to relocate to Europe. (Apart from relocating there for the flawless European style).

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